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The unbiased server list for ARK: Survival Evolved


  • 31,354 playing right now
  • 28,921 servers online
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  • 44,013 playing right now
  • 34,316 servers online
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  • 286 playing right now
  • 52 servers online
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Server list

Delta Velorum Servers is a tool that allows player/owners to keep track of the server they play on, or used to find a new server to play on. We have a list of servers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and ARK Mobile. Our system utilizes auto-discovery to find new servers.

Player tracking

We update all online servers every 5 minutes although the status (online/offline) may differ by 10 minutes. We also store extra data such as the player count, so users/owners can keep track of activity on their server(s).

  • 24 hour history:

    Every 5 minutes we store the player count for all servers. These records are stored for 24 hours, after that they will be deleted.

  • 7 day history:

    Every 30 minutes we make an extra save of the latest 30 minutes of the 24 hour history. We take a snapshot of the highest, the lowest and the average amount of players during these 30 minutes. These records are stored for 7 days, after that they will be deleted.

  • Daily history:

    Every day (at 12PM/12:00 UTC) we take a snapshot highest, the lowest and the average amount of players of the past 24 hours. This data is based of the 7 day history for yesterday. We keep these records for an indefinite amount of time (this is still being worked on, old records may be deleted if it takes up too much storage).

Public data

Most of the data (if not all) you find on this website can be accessed by the public. Feel free to use our API for your own projects, but be sure to read our documentation and rules before you start. Everything you need to know can be found here.